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Average upload speed for cable

Average upload speed for cable

Name: Average upload speed for cable

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22 Feb The Role of Cable Modems in Cable Internet Speed. Cable modem technology follows the industry standard Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS). Older DOCSIS cable modems supported download speeds up to about 38 Mbps and uploads up to about 27 Mbps. 7 Sep A mobile download speed of at least 5 Mbps allows a user to do most of the things they expect on their phone. This speed should be fast enough to stream HD movies without buffering, and it's more than enough to surf the web, connect to social accounts and view most content. 24 Aug Would you guys consider that slow or average for a home connection? I've noticed that I only get between to Mbps for my upload speed. . I also decided to contact Time Warner Cable (via their text chat) to get them.

Find out about Optus internet speeds for Cable, ADSL and NBN Broadband and the kinds of things that may impact your broadband internet connection. Learn. 26 Jun Upload speed matters if you frequently back up photos and other files Time Warner Cable and Verizon, meanwhile, do have their uploads on. Speed Test Results – Average Upload/Down for Broadband/Mobile Carriers While a wired connection using an ethernet cable directly to your router or.

4 Mar Everyone wants fast internet but no one wants to pay for speed they don't need. Another rule of thumb is to look at your company's average speed and Fiber optic cable is fastest, topping out at a whopping 1Gbps from. 23 Dec Determining how much Internet speed you need is a simple calculation, but it Facebook users average about Mbps when browsing the site, but If you're using satellite or cable TV in conjunction with Internet services. 21 Dec Understand the difference between upload and download speeds? why but the average broadband speed is Mbps according to Ofcom. 10 Feb The average broadband download speed is up 28 percent, while upload In , cable modem and wireless users saw the highest gains in. 3 Aug Comcast Xfinity took the honors for fastest speed on average, but its Warner Cable, and Bright House Networks when the first bought the the competition by a long shot with upload speeds averaging megabits.

17 Aug Typical home upload speeds of less than 1 Mbps mean that got 1 million Australian homes still on the Telstra and Optus HFC cable networks. Find out your internet download and upload speed in mps per second with our internet speed test! Get lightning fast internet speeds starting at mps with. Curious about the typical broadband speed of StarHub Broadband? Typical Download Speeds, Local, International. Cable. 25Mbps. Mbps – Mbps. Solved: My question is this: what is normal speed for cable internet service? I am checking out my connection at and the download speed is.