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For example, nces and ncrcat are symbolically linked to the ncra executable. The ncra executable behaves slightly differently based on its invocation name (i.e.,  Foreword - Introduction - Operator Strategies - Shared Features. 30 Jan At the end we want to produce a large file: ncrcat all. nc. That works fine, and contains 3 record dimensions. ncrcat concatenates record variables across an arbitrary number of input files. The final record dimension is by default the sum of the lengths of the record dimensions in the input files. ncra supports the stride argument to the -d hyperslab option for the record dimension only.

ncrcat [-3] [-4] [-5] [-6] [-7] [-A] [--bfr sz_byt][-C][-c][--cnk_byt sz_byt][--cnk_csh sz_byt][--cnk_dmn nm,sz_lmn] [--cnk_map map] [--cnk_min sz_byt] [--cnk_plc plc] . ncrcat -h Tips: you can use the wildcard character (asterisk) '*' to represent one or more characters and avoid typing a. It is completely possible to do this with NCO. I looked at your input files and they simply lack a time dimension, so ncrcat fails. Add a time.

This is a weird error as your command looks syntactically correct. To be sure, I copied it to my machine where it ran as expected, with no 'invalid. 11 Apr If I can ncrcat with invalid inputs I get a segfault rather than an informational error. If doesn't exist I get the following output: > ncrcat. 2 Jun "ncrcat" is part of the netCDF Operators (NCO). It is not part of NCL. Given that it is a 'malloc' related error, I speculate you have run out of. Note: The command 'ncrcat' requires that the time dimension be a record dimension. The time dimension in the example data files is not a record dimension. Dear colleagues, I have a problem with postprocessing my lffd nc output files. I make, for example, as usually, ncrcat -h -O -v T_2M lffd??????????.nc